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It took hours and hours. I had to find everything again and reload it onto this old computer I have, but I have the title screen for Mr. Ultra 2. Video, no audio yet, I haven't downloaded the vg music maker yet. I haven't even tested it on real hardware yet, this old computer has no easy SD card access (see how old it is? It's running Vista (I think.) I have to wait for my mom to get home so I can use her laptop which does. On the title screen, a cloud passes by. I would have liked the cloud to go behind the logo, but I couldn't make it do that. But this is fine, I guess. I'm just angry I had to spend at least 4 hours on it. In case you're wondering, Mr. Ultra 2 is for the Game Gear. It's a sequel to Mr. Ultra, I game I did last year. The cloud kept being black, but I found the reason why in a duh moment: I hadn't set the sprite palette yet. And yes, this is backed up on my website server so when this computer breaks, I haven't lost any progress, just the programs I used to make them, which hopefully I can still find, most of the programs' websites were last updated at least 10 years ago. Anyway, I still have my stupid cold. I'm still coughing a lot and blowing my nose. It's stupid. Here is a screenshot of Mr. Ultra 2's title screen. In this sequel, I plan to equip Mr. Ultra with a gun so he can shoot the enemies, which will be even more vegetables.

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