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Colecovision Controller modification service


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I was 22 years old when the Colecovision came out in 1982. What a great system! But those stubby joysticks were kind of a problem. But back in the day there were a few mod kits to change that. On was a long atari kind of stick, but you would flip the contoller out of your hand because of to much leverage. There was a ball type of add on that was perfect. Well 2 years ago I saw the CV flashback at Dollar General. I bought it. It was junk, but got back into the Colecovision. So I bought 2 old Colecovisions on ebay and between the two mad one good unit. But those stubby stiff joysticks. So I decided to make some mods. I had 4 joysticks to work with. Did some design ideas. Went to the hardware store, and Hobby Lobby, and WALA! made the perfect joystick. perfect length and great control. Perfect for playing Ladybug. This mod is pernament, for extra strength. So I'm thinking about offering this service. One would send in their Colecovision contollers to get modified. Price probally $30.00 for one $50.00 for two. I'm attaching some photos. So let me know what you all think. Got one next to origal Colecovision controller and asos showing what it looks like in the steering contoller.post-45891-0-51695900-1460428973_thumb.jpgpost-45891-0-10633600-1460428991_thumb.jpgpost-45891-0-16156200-1460429028_thumb.jpgpost-45891-0-24452100-1460429048_thumb.jpg


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That is actually black vinyl decal striping. The sleeve was white. I have found black fiberglass sleeve to use now. The knobs are wood with a metal screw shaft though wood knob and joystick shaft. Using aircraft epoxy. I fly high power rockets. So I like to over build a bit. It's all coated with finish epoxy.

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