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Wavemakers Yahtzee

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I can't seem to figure out how to play Wavemakers Yahtzee.


Anybody have the docs or know how to play?


The instructions for 14 of the 20 tapes by WaveMakers are available on BallyAlley.com, but the manual for Yahtzee is not among that documentation. Still, here's a link to what's available in case you looking for directions for another game by WaveMakers:




If anyone does have the docs of this game, then I'll add them to the above page. While the docs for the game aren't available, I do have an ad for WaveMakers Tape 5 (Music Composer / Yahtzee) that I've scanned (but isn't on the web). I just OCRed the information that the ad has for Yahtzee:


"Based on the Milton Bradley game of the same name. If you ever have played the real game you'll know what fun this one can be. No fussing with adding up score or keeping track of what combinations you have. If you have a full house, small straight, large straight, four of a kind, chance or yahtzee. The computer knows and figures out your score. You even get bonuses like the real game. Five graphic dice for each play and two playing fields. You try to get the highest score determined by various combinations of the dice. One to four players, uses separate hand controls."


In the meantime, if there are several other versions of this game for AstroBASIC that were printed in the Arcadian newsletter:




Yahtzee seems like it was a popular game, and I've played it quite a few times on the Astrocade, but I don't think I've explored the WaveMakers version of the game much. Let us know if you figure it out.



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