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Joysticks working, but not Roller Controller


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Hi guys.


I'm posting the following on behalf of my friend Armando (maker of Majikazo, Operation Wolf and the upcoming Wizard of Wor for ColecoVision).


Armando recently had some problems with the joystick ports of his ColecoVision console (the console was continuously registering UP on the joystick even if no joystick was connected). He replaced the 74LS541 IC, which fixed the problem, but now he's experiencing problems with his Roller Controller. Here's what Armando told me:


Joy port#2 (Y axis) fails. Its just a pin, because the problem is that the info read is always Y++, never Y-. But its very very strange because joystick works perfectly, keypad and joystick (and two buttons).


So I think the problem is other chip/resistor/capacitor. Know you about this problem?

I'm no hardware guy, so can anyone here chime in on what the problem might be?


Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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Quick update from Armando:


The problem it’s a console problem. I changed port#1 and port#2 and I RC responds perfectly (with axis changed, or course). So, the problem it’s console port#2 and, now, I know it’s 100% sure pin 9 or pin 7. When I finish this e-mail I want try to find the problem.

So things are progressing, it seems. :)

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