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Sega Genesis/Mega Drive HSC- Season 4: Round 10: Batman (FINAL ROUND)

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Welcome to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive High Score Club League!! This is Season 4: Round 10. This is the final round of the Season 4 Tournament.

This round we are going to save Gotham City and stop the Joker and his henchmen as we are going to play Batman.

This is the 45th Round of the Genesis/Mega Drive High Score Club on Atariage.

This round ends on Midnight Sunday May 1, 2016.

Current Standings:

1. darthkur: 121 Points

2. DonPedro: 102 Points

3. Retrogamer81081: 72 Points

4. NIKON: 70 Points

5. roadrunner: 65 Points

6. S.BAZ: 63 Points

7. jblenkle: 44 Points

8. wolfman24: 20 Points

9. chicgamer: 15 Points

10. LidLikesIntellivision: 7 Points


Title: Batman

Developer: Sunsoft

Publisher: Sunsoft

Release Date: 1991

Rules: Default Settings. No Continues

Bonus Points: Play any super hero themed game for an additional bonus point.

Record Score: None

High Score Club Rules:

Games are to be played by an authentic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console, clone system, flashback console, or emulation.

Continues are not allowed. Game ends after a Game Over or completion of game.

You can post your score however many times is neccessary as long as it's between the round's timeframe from start to finish.

Cheats of any kind are NOT PERMITTED.No Cheat codes, Game Genies, Cartridge frying, or any other type of enhancer. Anybody caught cheating will be permanently BANNED from future participation in the league. Nobody likes a cheater.

You must play the game between during the time it's posted to when it ends to earn points during league play. However you can post scores after the event to challenge the top scores.

Scores must be presented between the round timeframe. No photographs of old scores or saved memory from an SD flash drive. Sorry I won't accept your Sonic the Hedgehog 2,000,000 point domination from 1992.

Point pressing/farming is discouraged. I encourage you to try and accomplish the game, not milking for points.

Screenshots are encouraged but not required. Youtube videos of your performance is absolutley accepted.

Scoring for each round is this:

1st Place: 15 Points

2nd Place: 12 Points

3rd Place: 10 Points

4th Place: 8 Points

5th Place: 5 Points

6th Place: 3 Points

7th Place: 2 Points

8th Place and beyond: 1 Point

The High Score Club Moderator has the final say and reserves the right to accept and or reject any submitted score. I know there should be no problems as I know all of the participants are legit, very fair, and honest players. :)

The number 1 rule is..........

Let's have some fun!! :)

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Round 10 and Season 4 is now over!!

Final Standings For Round 10

1. DonPedro: 23,400

1. DonPedro: 16 Points (15+1)



Final League Standings After Round 10:


1. darthkur: 121 Points
2. DonPedro: 118 Points
3. Retrogamer81081: 72 Points
4. NIKON: 70 Points
5. roadrunner: 65 Points
6. S.BAZ: 63 Points
7. jblenkle: 44 Points
8. wolfman24: 20 Points
9. chicgamer: 15 Points
10. LidLikesIntellivision: 7 Points


Well everyone it was a fun Sega Genesis High Score Club for Season 4. Thank you for all of those that have partcipated! I certainly had a lot of fun hosting this and I will maybe do a Season 5 later this Summer. Here is a recap of who won each of the ten rounds.


Round 1: Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and Columns:


Retrogamer81081 (795,001)


Round 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist:


NIKON (516)


Round 3: Castlevania Bloodlines:


darthkur (76,050)


Round 4: Outrun:


DonPedro (6,449,060)


Round 5: Flicky:


wolfman24 (632,250)


Round 6: The Revenge of Shinobi:


S.BAZ (69,400)


Round 7: Toki Going Ape Spit:


darthkur (139,510)


Round 8: Truxton:


DonPedro (204,360)


Round 9: Sunset Riders:


DonPedro (23,300)


Round 10: Batman:


DonPedro (23,400)


It is now time for the medal ceremony!!!


Finishing Season 4 of the Sega Genesis High Score Club with a total of 121 points. The gold medal is awarded and given to one of Atariage's fiercest competitors in gaming with mad skills it is.


Congratulations to Darthkur!!!!




Finishing a close second place with 118 points the silver medal is given to another one of Atariage's toughest competitors!


Congratulations to DonPedro!!!




Finishing third with 72 points and winning the bronze medal is the host/competitor Retrogamer81081.



Again congratulations to Darthkur and DonPedro!! :thumbsup: Great job and gaming to those who participated! I had a fun time and I hope to host it again soon!! :)

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