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My first 2600 game: JumpBall

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]Hey guys,

I just finished my first 2600 game, so I thought I'd put it up for people to try if they wanted to. Its nothing special, but it's kind of fun. Kind of uses a flappy bird concept. Avoid the black ball and the homing missile and try to collect the white pellets.



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Nice job!


At first I was confused about how to score points because collecting the white pellets have the same animation as taking damage from the black ball and homing missile. Once I unmuted my speakers the sound effects cleared that up. Still it might play better if you omit the animation for collecting pellets.


If you time it just right you can get the pellet to pass through your ball without collecting it. You may want to consider increasing the pellet size by a factor of two so it cant slip through the gaps in the corners of the ball.


You probably have a bunch of ideas on how to enhance this already, but just in case you don't here are some ideas. Every five pellets collected earns you a single ball-to-ball missile. The b2b missile should shoot up or down depending on the joystick direction pressed. It should spawn in a random location on the left half of the screen so you have to get brave enough to move to the left to pick it up. After 20 seconds it should flash for a few seconds and then disappear. Hitting the black ball with a missile should change it's color a shade lighter each time. Destroying completes the level and the next level has a bigger ball to dodge than the previous. Of course more points are awarded for hitting and destroying the opponent ball.

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