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Railslider WIP


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Thank you, really cool and weird seeing someone playing it :) Hopefully it will become better when I get the enemies to speed up depending on your score.


Here's a question


Does any examples of dpc+ playerpointers exist? It would free up ALOT of space that could be used for atarivox.

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I really like this game. Just gave it a spin with my Edladdin Super Twin 78 controller.


Like the colors. Also like how you can draw the enemies towards you based on your movement.


Thanks. :thumbsup:



Update...my son and I love twin stick shooters, so I just showed this to him. I Had a chance to really watch and must say that I like the the following:


  • The particle effect when the enemy explodes
  • The way the enemies head rotates, as well as the way your cannon rotates


Will there be waves, or a stronger enemy that may require you to strike it in a particular spot?


Thanks again.



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Thanks for the feedback and controller tip, just ordered one of those beasts.

I'm using all the sprites and objects allready but I'm trying to make it challenging in other ways.



Here's a rough second demo where the enemy and missiles speeds up by 0.03 every 1000 points

you also get a specialattack every 1000 points that can kill every enemy on the screen and gives you 100 points per enemy, so you should try and get as many enemies to respawn as possible before executing it on the fire button.


You can only execute the specialattack when the score ends with an even thousand like 001000 or 027000 for example.


It's important to execute every specialattack since it also slows down enemies and missiles by 0.01


Loving the recent updates. The speed is ramping up nicely and the special attack is really cool. I was able to receive 600 points a couple times by way of special attack.


Get yourself the Controller (see below), you won't regret it. It takes 7800 Robotron to another level.


post-21941-0-42303000-1462034141_thumb.jpg post-21941-0-70011700-1462034163_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the kind comments and suggestions, updated demo that's a bit easier on the eyes.

Changes include:

Random player respawn

Explosion sound effect

New score font (modified version of the snake font by revenge)

Enemies shoot rapidfire and special-missiles

Color and graphics changes

Fixed point movement for everything

Temporary titlescreen

No bugs that i've noticed.


The shooting sound effect is straight from a Random Terrain example btw.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Downloaded latest version. Will try it out over the weekend.


Thank you!

You shouldn't :) Found a game crashing bug right after posting it, took me forever to find it, It seemed to happen randomly when executing megablast, but now I know it was only when holding left or right because the wheel animation nybble counter could end up on number that didn't have a label, so it would run over all wheel frames and crash the game.


Haven't touched it since, other than adding a power up that gives you a bigger weapon and adding the abbility to snag the special missiles with the megablast and perfecting the hitboxes.. ok i've done a couple things, but I should really try and finnish it as best I can sometime and upload the .bas

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Thank you, looks even better now but overcycles slightly sometimes, I will upload the improved demo 5 when it doesn't anymore.



I would like to ask the experts when does "on goto" becomes more efficient than comparing a counter several times, especially with a nybble counter like with this four frame animation example..


temp6 = _PEEK_P1_Counter

on temp6 goto 0 1 2 3 4



player1 graphics

goto 0


player1 graphics

goto 0


player1 graphics

goto 0


player1 graphics




or is comparing the nybble counter four times every time like this better..

if _PEEK_P1_Counter = 1 then player1:

player1 graphics


if _PEEK_P1_Counter = 2 then player1:

player1 graphics


if _PEEK_P1_Counter = 3 then player1:

player1 graphics


if _PEEK_P1_Counter = 4 then player1:

player1 graphics


After how many compares approximately does the on goto become faster?

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Hello everybody at the forum!

I am currently taking a culture-entrepreneur training course that's focusing on project management.

I've chosen to finish this game as my project, and after all kinds of internal/external analasys

it seems like the only way this game isn't finished and awesome real soon (within 15 days)

is if I don't get a little help from you good people with the stuff I'm not familiar with,

it's not much and I'm willing to compensate for your help to get it done, making an Atari 2600 game is one of my lifegoals after all.


PM me if there's any chance you could help with any of the following:


Just taking a quick look at my pedagogical code to look for possible optimisation improvements. There should be lots of stuff, especially with the sounds.


Playing my demo untill it crashes and telling me why? I don't understand the stella debugger yet.

Right now weird stuff happens sometimes..

Like a player will all of a sudden have the wrong colors when it respawns (player6 i think) and when you kill him, player8 (top right corner) will respawn at the same time as another robot that comes from outside the screen, might be a nusiz copy? and shortly after that the game resets to the titlescreen.


Box Art!!! or just an illustration that could be used for that.


Might be overkill.. but a simple custom kernel, just commenting out some unused stuff, if that's even how it works? :)

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After reading through Randomterrain again this seems like a possible explanation for the weird bugs..


"Using complex expressions might result in a localized overflow (that is, an intermediate value that exceeds 255 or is less than zero) if sub-expressions are not well-constructed or variables allowed to get too large (or small, as the case may be.) Also, complex statements, functions, subroutines, and bankswitching all use the stack, so using excessively complex statements in a nested function or subroutine may overflow the stack into the variable space, causing weird bugs. However, stack overflows are still considered to be somewhat unlikely."


I guess I will have to change as much as possible around and hope for the best.. I want to get rid of that bug before I make a big baws!


Wish I knew what "intermediate value" "sub-expression" "complex functions" "nested function" meant exactly?

An explanation of how you manage to get an intermediate value to exceed 255 or less than zero would help? Or how you keep that from happening.


It seems like it takes approximately the same time before the game crashes every time, so maybe it has something to do with the fixed point variables and the speed increase, like that it ends up on some speed that results in some intermediate value being to big or small?? I'm just going with my intuition now ;-)

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at first glance

line 973

temp5 = (_PEEK_Frame_Counter) + 1 : _POKE_Frame_Counter temp5 : on temp5 goto donef1 donef1 f1 f22 f33 f44

unless you're limiting frame counter to 4 somewhere I didn't see yet,

temp5 could go up to 16 and you've only got 6 target labels
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Finally a bBasic game that doesn't look generic. :thumbsup:


But you should change the score font if possible.


Can't agree that the recent batch of bB games look or play generic. That being said, you are one of the very few with the technical expertise to write bB compatible graphic kernels.


You could in effect enable people to make better looking games instead of expressing dismay.

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