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Manic Miner released!


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Amazing work Tezz! I'd been looking forward to this for a long time. Got to The Menagerie (screen 3) on my first go :-)


I played Manic Miner a lot on the Speccy when I was at high school and its wonderful to see such a faithful port to the Atari 8-bit.


I still remember the intense feeling of disappointment playing Jet Set Willy on the 800XL I'd just got for xmas (as an replacement/upgrade for my broken ZX Spectrum), and wondering what kind of horrible mistake I'd just made.... If only you'd been around to do the conversion job!



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Just been playing this on an Incognito 800. It looks and sounds great!


Thank you for completing this conversion, I look forward to spending a chunk of this weekend exploring it.


Ditto. I will be doing the same thing this weekend. Thanks Tezz for programming and sharing this with everyone ! :thumbsup:

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