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The CHIP 810 / 1050 programming documentation

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After many years of virtual I/O (using either APE or cartridges like MyIDE II), I turned my real drive ON to use real floppies.

Because the external look of the 810 is awesome and because I wanted to get back to programming the CHIP 810.


As I try to disassemble the rom code to understand all the commands, I am surprised to find almost no information on the Net.

Of course there are some clues at AtariMax, some of the commands are documented but not all of them.

And for the documented ones, there is only the command itself, not the details of the AUX1/AUX2 bits, the structure of the sent/received buffer, etc...

Am I searching at the wrong place on Internet or am I the first one to disassemble the rom ?




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I made a partial reverse engineering of The Chip years ago. I don't remember how far I reached, but I think I figured out most, if not all, of the commands. As I said in other thread, I am recovering my old stuff from backups. Would need to dig deep to find this one.


At the time I couldn't find any information besides the one you mention. Except, of course, for the Archiver Editor manual itself. That even when not documenting the programmatic interface, it's very useful to understand the main logic.

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I know I disassembled the Archiver disk and I think the ROM code too, because I made a few short programs in the mid 80's that could format individual tracks, read and write tracks with protection and a track mapper as well. I'll have to look to see what's still there...

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