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New game released: Pentagram


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Here is release version of Pentagram.


Game is ported from ZX Spectrum. For those interested in details of development, see following thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247323-new-game-port-wip-pentagram/.


Release version features some great tunes from Miker, and PMG overlays together with great loading screen from Jose.


For those finding game little bit too difficult (me included) I created good old-fashioned trainer. Press T on title screen to access this trainer. You may choose to have unlimited lives, invincibility (so creatures and obstacles don't kill you when touched) and disable extra monsters (game spawns up to two monsters in almost every room after some while). Additionally, an option to enable frame skipping is also available on trainer screen - turn it on if you prefer smooth control of Sabreman over smooth animation.


Game requires 64KB of RAM to run. Game is NTSC-aware and applies proper timing for music routines, so it should work correctly NTSC Ataris. Game is also compatible with 65816 CPU upgrades and synchronizes gameplay correctly. Testing on Altirra reveals that 3,58MHz 65816 is able to run game without slowdowns. However, sound effects do not play correctly with faster CPU.


I also releasing game source code with all assets (music by Miker and graphics files by Jose). Please read readme.txt for information about various files and instructions how to build the game.




Enjoy new game ;)





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