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PCW-8256 found in the wild, USA.

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I just got one of these PCW8256 "by accident", complete with keyboard, printer and disks!

Found in the seacoast Northeast USA, and it has "UL" markings -- so it was intended for the USA market.


Though the former owner was a UK expat, and impressed that I knew what "AMS Trading" was, CP/M, and the funky 3 inch disks.


It seemed to have been stored in a reasonably dry basement.

Still.. I have not powered it up.. I'm a bit afraid to try, until I do some cleaning and eyeball the capacitors. 


I used to use CP/M at community college, and got heavy use of a CP/M emulator for the Atari ST. 

Excited to see one can purchase a Gotek for these, apparently. I'd love to locate Zork for it (or better yet: a generic Z code runner, so I can play later titles..)


(Oh, getting "By accident" means, I was helping someone house move, but was encouraged to take away pretty much anything in the basement..)

I also scored an old Apple 15" RGB monitor probably from an old Mac or GS (but could not find the main computer, unfortunately), and a standalone green-screen display (unsure of type).

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