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List of 4 way scrolling 2600 games?


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I just posted a work in progress 4 way scrolling game on YouTube that I'm working on called "Macky Man"


I just realized I have no idea how many 4 way scrolling games have been released for the Atari 2600. Rally X comes to mind.. er, not much else. Dark Chambers doesn't count because it only scrolls up and down as I remember.


List so far:

Boulder Dash






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Vanguard, Thrust, Boulder Dash...


Boulder Dash is the most outstanding example. I can't believe I forgot about that.


Jr Pac Man only scrolls up and down.. right?



UPDATE: Vanguard seems to have two scrolling engines: one horizontal and the other vertical. Might not be considered 4 way scrolling. It looks to me they took out the diagonal levels from the arcade.

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