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Video showcasing Indy 500 console and packaging


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Just wanted to share with AA members that I recently scored an Indy 500 console in good shape. This video I go over all the components that it came with, and show the system working. My console appears to have an issue with the Pong Games in the system, as I cannot see the ball show up when I select the tennis and hockey games. The racing games appear to be working correctly. Any ideas on what the issue to could possibly be?


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I have a Sears Tele-games Speedway , unfortunately I broke the IC chip trying to re-seat it :_( it seems to have the same IC chip


http://www.pong-story.com/url.htm(Universal Research Laboratories)


the way the socket legs are attached to the chip may be the "problem" of the ball not showing up


I do not know how the legs are electrically connected to the traces on the chip, mechanically they are fastened to the exterior of the chip


the image of my broken one , in the red circle to the left is one of the pins ... it's "F" shaped


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I was reluctant to post about it , but there is some good info in that thread ,


I only work on my own stuff ... I just grabbed the wrong tool at the right time.


if it will help the OP avoid a similar disaster on his unit ( and others) that will be a good thing ;)

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