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NES Hacks, Pirates, and Homebrews (?).

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So, I have to say that I am happy to see moderately new content being made available for the NES. I know that repro carts have been available for some years, but nowhere near the level that they are currently. This is cool, because it gives the opportunity for some to play games they otherwise would not have access to.

My current list of reproductions is three titles: Earthbound "Zero" (72pin NES, in English), Mario Adventure (really cool, tough as nails... haven't gotten very far), and a 72 pin NES port of Holy Diver. I own a Famicom, but the repro port was cheaper than the Famicom game. It used to not be that way. When I first got into buying Famicom stuff, Holy Diver cost $30-40 for the original cart. Times change. Fun doesn't. I tend to collect odd pirate stuff for Famicom along side official hardware and games.


So, I have been digging into hacks, more pirates, and sort of homebrews. Some of the hacks change the games enough that it might as well be a new one. Been digging on Kart Fighter, AV Bishoujo Girl Fight, Zelda Outlands (man this one is fun. I'm not far into it currently), Over Horizon is a very fun shooter (not released in the USA, original cart is expensive). Castlevania 2: Redacted makes the English actually intelligible, and and Castlevania Chorus of Mysteries seems pretty fun so far (I like it better than Bloodmoon). But have also nabbed Legend of Link, New Zelda Story (you play as Zelda, attempting to save Link), Zelda 2: Shadow of Night Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Revenge (haven't fired this one up yet). Most of these are titles I want to get made on cart. I know many of them would be Everdrive compatible, though some of them I know are not (Legend of Link is MMC5). This isn't even cracking into translations of titles that would otherwise be too text intensive in Japanese. While it isn't the newest thing ever in terms of NES gameplay/emulation... It does seem like a fun fresh take on things (possibly due to me taking a hiatus from it due to space, and only recently having built up an ok computer for the first time in several years... that wasn't simply a workstation).



Anyone else? I know I am kind of behind the times... but at least it's fun. What are some of your favorite unofficial/unlicensed releases? Favorite non-US title?


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