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7800 HSC Season 8 - Game 14 Poll

7800 HSC Season 8 Poll  

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  1. 1. Back from Spring Cleaning... game 14 now!!

    • Fatal Run
    • Asteroids Deluxe (advanced)
    • Flappy bird
    • Motorpsycho
    • Crossbow

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Did your Atari 7800 arrive?

Yes, my Atari 7800 Prosystem Console arrived safely. To starting using my real system, I played 2600 Pac-Man and used the Sega Master System Controller (a Tectoy product) just to have fun. And to connect my console with my modern television, I had to use a 3-cable set for audio and video only.


Here are my 3 photos which I would like to provide and register my historical moment therefore!


post-24681-0-21774200-1463270976_thumb.jpg post-24681-0-51674600-1463270989_thumb.jpg post-24681-0-26828400-1463271006_thumb.jpg


Now, I'm waiting for the Concerto Cartridge release. My main opponent Deteacher congratulated me for my victory on Atari 5200 / 7800 Trophy Cracking Competition at HighScore.com and gave the following message, which will be destinated for all 7800 Prosystem real console users:

"Keep your eyes open for the Harmony 2/Concerto cart, currently in production over at AA."


With the Concerto Cart, I will have the whole 7800 library at my disposal and include homebrews to play with my hardware. In the meantime, I'm going to continue using Prosystem Emulator or MESS to play 7800 games.

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