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I finally did it! Game Gear game #100 has come in the mail today. A little embarrassed for it to be Beavis and Butt-head, though. I am writing this while wearing my Beavis and Butt-head pajama bottoms on. Last night, the fumes came after me and so I got my Jaguar out from the garage. At first it didn't want to play anything, but I figured out that the carts were dusty, and my Jaguar is a bit fussy. I want to make a game for the Jaguar, so I've come up with an idea: A Bird and a Sign for the Atari Jaguar. It will be like Chip's Challenge. I will start on this once my computer I just got comes back. It's being shipped to a service center to try and get it fixed. I've already designed the title screen in anticipation. The bird and sign live in the desert, so the title screen will have old western-timey music and occasionally, a tumbleweed will roll by. I would like the tumbleweed to come with a wind sound effect, and I wonder how many channels I have available with Raptor Basic Plus and if I'd be able to do that or not. I would really like to have my homebrew game if I ever get one finished to be on a cartridge since I don't have a Jaguar CD, and for the people who are like me who also don't have a Jaguar CD. If Atari wanted a CD-based system, why didn't they just do it from the start of developing the Jaguar?

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