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Fantastic Dizzy North Anerica?

I am error

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Was Fantastic Dizzy an official US release? It says on the cart 'licensed by sega..' But on the box it mentions European magazine reviews. The cart is also shaped differently than most Genesis games and is hard to remove from my Genesis (model 1). I bought it locally, not online from overseas. Plays fine.


TL;DR= Was the game a US release, or did I somehow end up with a PAL game that can be played on an NTSC console.


Not much of a Genesis guy, SNES is more my thing

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It's an official US release. The developer/publisher, Codemasters, is a British company that mainly focused on the European market at the time (which explains the reviews) but they published plenty of games in the US too. They're best known in the US for their Micro-Machines games and creating the Game Genie. Codemasters (and a few other companies like EA and Accolade) made their own carts in unique shapes instead of buying the standard carts from Sega.

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