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Just Imagine doom on a lynx with FX chip


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Since a wolfenstein 3D demo called luchtenstein runs well on it and since i also have see a taxi demo movie for the lynx, streaming a fmv video to the DMA of the atari lynx, i was thinking, how about a 32bit chip stiffed inside a cartride to render and stream the 3D graphics to the lynx screen, to overcome the 16 color limitation, you can use the scanline trick to get more colors atonce, the lynx res is low so the game has to be zoomed in, the digital should be mixed and streamed to the lynx audio pin by the fx chip aswell,so the only thing the lynx has to do is streaming audio and video and procces control input & output data to that FX chip.

Yes, i know it sounds very very crazy but offcourse without the fx chip, i can only do a wolf 3D game, but with the fx chip, it should be able to handle doom,ala snes with fx chip.

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