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Adamcon IV pictures?

Milli V

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Those pics were most likely converted to RLE format on another computer and then transferred to Adam format in CP/M and then finally converted to an EOS file for use with any program that could load and display RLE picture files.


It's been a lot of years, but I will do my best to name all the "usual suspects"...


1 - Bart "Zonker" Lynch

2 - Dale Wick

3 - ?

4 - Pat Herrington.... the crazy aunt that everyone has!!!

5 - ?

6 - Herman Mason

7 - Keith Marner

8 - ?

9 - ?

10 - George Koczwara

11 - Faye Deere

12 - ?

13 - ?

14 - Guy Cousineau

15 - ?


Thanks for posting these... brings back a lot of good memories.

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One of them looks like steve jobs.

Yeah, Mr. Jobs infiltrated the ADAM scene for a while to bad-mouth what was truly a better computer than the lineup of Apple computers at the time.


In fact, a group of ADAMites uncovered an industry wide smear campaign that was led by Apple, Atari and Commodore which targeted Coleco and the ADAM Computer... it will be covered in the upcoming Coleco book. | :)

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