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Final Fantasy XII


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I wasn't expecting this at all, I bet this shows up on Steam later cause every FF game has been re-released on Steam:




Its the only game in the mainstream series that I haven't played so this is pretty good news for me. Anyone play it? Is it worth it? I skipped it mainly because I read a lot of stories about it being MMO-like in terms of combat but a lot of people swear its one of the better games released etc.



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Final Fantasy XII is a good game but I also have mixed feelings about it.

The story is decent, but like half of the characters are just... Not very good.

The game plays something like an MMO with enemies in the field, controlling one character while the rest of auto actions set up. (or set them all up and let the game play itself)


I enjoyed it well enough, but I am not going to buy the HD version... Or possibly ever play it again.

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