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Check out this auction on eBay LOL


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For clarification's sake, in the case of the Apple IIGS - this looks like a legitimate rate for USPS. I'm sure the weight of the monitor is the killer here. In the case of a Neo-Geo, yeah, $700 is outrageous.


I doubt UPS and FedEx are much better, even on their most basic of shipping options.


EDIT: I stand corrected, I just saw a stand-alone monitor shipping via Fedex for $24 cross-country. Maybe it's a size of the box thing. I know that when I've tried to ship stuff, I'm always a little taken aback by outrageous shipping fees.

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"Check out this auction on eBay, LOL" could practically be a persistent thread, FWIW. ;) When I looked at that one earlier I saw a low-bid machine with a crazy low(!) shipping. That machine's gonna cost $80-150 to ship most places in the US if it's shipped right.

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It's a tough reality. They gots lots of Golden Parachutes to fill. Gas crisis long gone, but you'll still see a fuel surcharge, like our garbage service levies.


Add volume for good padding, then you get hit. Skip it and you get damage claims. In my day job working at home I charge $30 an hour. I'll spend a good hour or more doing a good pack job, but hard to justify a $30-$60 pad on the shipping to cover it. For what ya get on many items, I'd make more just working and not offloading, er, sharing my excess collection.


That doesn't justify ludicrous shipping costs, but our own typical postal bill has at least tripled over the past decade. We work at home and ship the product, no embellishment of fees, and it's way up.


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dunno what your babbling about it hardly makes since, to the op, yea no duh shipping of a full desktop computer from another country its going to cost, from my perspective the shipping charges are quite reasonable.


Yes I know Canada is physically connected, but they are not just slapping it on a truck and driving over, and almost all of the US is not on the border... there's a ton of paperwork, and special provisions + taxes and fees, that take place to freight bulk cargo from one place to another.


Maybe its the 99 cent free postage from china mentality (which they do that in a large group to ship a big lump of something as a whole), and the close proximity of C to U but, I notice a lot of Canadian people seem to constantly bitch about shipping charges, and its only a fairly recent thing.

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