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Best Colecovision power supply?


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I understand the Canadian version has the standard plug (instead of the huge brick that plugs in directly).


Thank you!

It still has the huge brick it is just that it is no longer part of the plug that plugs into the wall. It is like a laptop plug where it has huge brick in the middle.

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The best solution is to get 1 foot extension cables.


You will use these for everything, and not know how you lived without them. Get a 10 pack.


The original CV power supply is big and bulky. But, I have never had any problems with them. You are creating more problems for yourself if you use some cheap piece of crap power supply you bought from China, or someone made with cheap china parts.

It is a lot cheaper to just buy an original power supply, then to waste your time and money jury rigging up something new, with cheap china parts.

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