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In the spirit of community, a new release is announced!


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If any of you venture outside the Intellivision forum, you may have heard that our friend Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, also known as nanochess, has received some very bad family medical news.

Many of you may know Oscar as the author of several ColecoVision games, the CoolCV emulator and in the Intellivision realm, the author of Space Raid and Princess Quest. However, to me he will always be the guy that fulfilled a life long dream of mine to program a video game for a console from my childhood.

His IntyBASIC developement tool is responsible for hundreds of hours of enjoyment for me (and others); there is nothing like sticking a game you wrote onto a cart, firing up an Intellivision and playing it for the first time! His dedication to improving IntyBASIC based on our feedback (or whining) has resulting in an advanced tool that has fast tracked the creation of many new Intellivision games.

Inspired by TeamPixelboy's generous effort that he announced in the ColecoVision forum:

and with Luc's blessing, I and a few other developers have decided to donate our time and code
to a new release with proceeds going to support Oscar and his family.

Intellivision Revolution and Some Random Guys Present:
IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1
3 fantastically fun games on one cartridge
Unique overlays for each game
Excellent, multi-page manual
Full professionally designed cover art and offset printed box


Stay tuned for more information, as well as the revealing of the games!

Edit June 16:
Game 1:Classic Battleship Warship! by Crazyboss
Enhanced graphics, animation and sound
Play against the Inty, with 3 (maybe 4) skill levels
Intellivoice taunting by your enemy
New gameplay variations


This video is from an older test version prepared for the team, it is missing some sounds and animation that are in the current version.

Edit June 18:
Game 2:


Again, this video is from an older test version prepared for the team, it is missing some sounds and animation and other changes that are in the current version.

Edit June 19:

8 hours into the reveal of game two, hopefully people had a chance see game 2 via the video, tomorrow I'll update this post properly. Game 2:Goatnom By Freewheel.


Edit June 19-2

Now that 24 hours has passed and enough people have seen the video reveal

Game 2:Lonely Goat Herder/Hoarder, GOATNOM by freeweed freewheel


Next update in a week or two....

Edit July 22

...or four


Game 3: was announced on the newest episode of the Intarivisions Intellivisionaires podcast, as Canadians Tarzilla and Freewheel continue the Canuckification of the podcast.



Game 3: Zyx, by Atari2600land. With enhanced graphics, sound and action, this contest entry may be an action gamer's favorite.


Poor Zyx has fallen in a well, eat the food thrown down to him while jumping over and avoiding the ravenous Vuts that haunt the well.

How many levels (featuring changing well graphics) can you survive? How many different kinds of food will you see? Will you make it to the Coffee Break level? Or the Beer Level?


Find out soon:

Here is a preview from a couple of weeks ago, the level progression has been adjusted for demo/testing so as to show a couple levels faster, change won't happen that fast normally.



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Great idea!!

as for the Team Pixelboy's initiative, I'm in for at least a couple of carts of each Showcase Volume that Intellivision Revolution and Some Random Guys will release


For Óscar, his wife and their daughter

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Couldn't happen, I'd never let him get his hands on my Tandyvision, that's my daily driver. If he tried I'd club him to death with Playcables.





"I accuse Rev of murdering CMart in the Bathroom with the TandyVision"

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