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Skunkboard Update


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Sorry for the rehash again! When flashing some roms, after the yellow and black screen stops, some of them just turn the screen blue or all black and then nothing loads at all. Even after restarting the Jaguar and then trying that bank to load still the same. Is that an issue with the cart or is that just what happens if the ROM itself doesn't work on the skunk? It's happened on a few games for me.

The only deliberate failure is red. Anything else means you've crashed the Jaguar. 99% of the time it's JCP mis-detecting your image file... take a look at the text JCP outputs and make sure it's detected the type of file correctly and loaded it to the right address. You can override the load address and skip offset if it's guessing wrong. Converting the file to a standard format with something like Jiffi might work too.

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Hello. Out of interest. Are there any roms that are bad for a skunk board. i.e. They trash the skunk board 'bios'. I read in the manual that the skunk board's own rom is in protected memory, but that the bios can be updated. Anything found yet that overwrites the bios? I am a new skunk owner and thought I would put this question out there.

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