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I have tried everything to try and get the program to use the fonts, but I have failed. Why does this have to be so HARD?




A couple of points...


Firstly, you need to provide some sort of example of what isn't working. If you do that people will be more than happy to help you out.


Secondly, could you make a single thread for Ants and post things in there, instead of making a new thread for everything - this helps keep the forum a bit neater and also will help you organize your thoughts as people respond.


Thirdly, this stuff isn't that HARD. There's probably a single mistake somewhere in your file, but again, you need to show people so that they can help. There are several example projects that contain text output (Pretty much all of them, I would think) - have you referenced any of those to see if they help?


I suggest something like:


I've tried [insert your code here] but it's not working. If you look at [example] where they do [whatever it does] it works. What am I doing wrong?



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