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I am Proud to announce after lots of hard work and coding

http://atariland.orgis open for business

Please give us any comments, suggestions and critiques here.. or email them to me at atariancomputers@gmail.com

Also I have for sale: ATARI ST/F 1040 1mb of RAM /w monitor ($200 plus shipping)

ATARI 1200xl (NO ps as i am using it on my other 1200XL) ($150 + Shipping)

ATARI 850 (No PS as I am using it on my Disk Drives) ($50 + Shipping)

ATARI 1010 Cassette Drive (No PS as im using it on my Disk Drives) ($50 + Shipping)

ATARI SX212 Modem (NO PS) but does come with serial cable ($75 + Shipping)

ATARI 8 Bit Carts - (28 of them) (msg me for info and prices)

ATARI 2600 Carts (27 of them) (Msg me for more info and Prices)

ATARI 1010 Disk Drives (2 - 1 works excellent, 1 needs the heads cleaned.) - no ps (using it on my other disk drive) - $100 + shipping for both or 75$ for the working one and 50 for the one that needs cleaning.

PAYPAL OR CASH ACCEPTED. NO CHECKS. Email me at Atariancomputers@gmail.com or text me at 1-774-540-0881

IF SHIPPING oversea, TARIFFS and Export Charges WILL APPLY!!!!

Again check out the NEW http://ATARILAND.ORG



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sorry the file directories were down earlier due to a ddos attack try it now.. someone thought it would be funny to ping flood out the hfs file server which runs on wine in our linux server.. im gonna find a better file server program.. but for now this is what we;ve got.. make sure you check out the huge st software collection.

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and i was at work so i wasnt able to restart it until i got home.. fromnow on ill have team viewer running so i can get in remotely to restart it should it crash.. just some first day bugs.. but we had an excellent 400 users on the first day.. that could have also been the reason why you couldnt get in at one point we were at our bandwith limit but then i called the isp and upped it.

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Kernal , very nice website !

About that ddos , go for CloudFlare service. It is free for non-commercial users and it will add quite durable caching mechanisms (plus various other stuff) to your website so larger traffic won't be a problem. That is what I did with my blog site and it works like a charm ;)

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As for the actual question about liking the layout, as someone in web-app development like Christos before me I had to say no.


That said, I think the concept and content are great. I really love the background (might actually borrow it for a desktop background - the sincerest form of flattery).


I will say it looks better than some of my early work in the 90's and half the fun is figuring out how to make it look better as you learn.

(First, I might suggest figuring out how to make the logo stay centered no matter what resolution or browser window size....)


Also, you want to put some topics in the forum ASAP... 1) To have something for people to start discussion on... and 2) To prevent the inevitable troll who can't resist posting a stupid "FIRST POST!" message.


Other than that, you have a good concept going. Keep up with it and the site will evolve into something great.

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and this defintiley isnt my first post on atari age.. ive been lurking here for more then 10 years.. and i have plenty more to post soon.. =) just may be my first post in the ST section.

Well, in case that was a response to what I wrote, that wasn't what I meant. I meant on YOUR forums you need to post. Trolls will post useless "FIRST!" posts. Other people will feel weird about it. Making some posts to start some conversations should be a priority.


Plus, the button leading to the forums says something about a cartridge archive.

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You might want to remove the .torrent files from http://fileserver.deepth0ught.com:8283/Atari%20ST%20-%20Games%20Archive%20I/ :).


Just checking that link there there seems to be a lot of stuff in the archive! But it seems a bit disorganized. For example in the root directory I can see a lot of .prg, readme, read_me, read_me.1st. Seems like a few archives were unpacked in the same dir and not in a folder and now the files are mixed. It'd take a lot of time for someone to sort these out. And these are mixed with images of Automation menus, various games, pasti images... I also just noticed an auto folder with a few programs including the game Utopos!


It really looks like a person's hard drive with all files mixed in there. Would it be possible to clean this up and put the original archives of the programs in there?


I hope you don't perceive this as dissing your work - I know it's a lot of effort and resources (space, bandwidth etc) to host such an archive. Just saying things as I see them :).




P.S. If I click "home" on the file browser I can access the root directory where there are many more files and folders than you link to from the original site - are you sure you want to be sharing those as well?

Edited by ggn
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Votes show that people don't like layout. ggn is right Games Archive is mess. I would say total mess.

You need to organize it, create some sections - like it is done on other sites. There are even some empty folders. Sorry, but you underestimated time and effort required for it, it seems.

Better remove all it and make accessible when it will be useful.


Personally, I don't think that we need more Atari ST SW archives online. There is plenty of them. What we need is something new, new approach and better tested, organized content - even if there will be not tens of thousands of files.

Much more useful are few sites with selected SW for specific HW, or by other criteria.

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