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Am I realy lucky or does the Nintoaster get a bad rep?

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Very nice- I got my top loader for 5 bucks at a yard sale. No hookups, so I used the ones from my front-loader until I could get another set of cables.


I've honestly never understood where the 'nintoaster' name comes from. It doesn't look like any damn toaster I've ever used! Is it just because the carts get pushed down/pop up? Other things do that- why not call it a NES-in-the-box or something?

Reading an article in one of my last Retro Gamer mags, Nintendo was apparently aiming to make it look like a VCR (at least the loading idea) so that it would seem like AV equipment.


I agree the toaster moniker really makes very little sense.

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"Toaster" sounds so much more charming than "VCR".

I agree but nicknames are usually either representative (calling a tall guy "stretch") or ironic (calling a fat guy "tiny"). The NES doesn't look like a toaster or operate like a toaster. At best it's kind of like a toaster oven, which is pretty 80s. but even that in a major stretch.


I don't really care, and I use the term myself, but like with Hoshi, it has just never made sense to me how the moniker actually got applied/invented. Not for nothing, but I never heard the term until I got into the scene here. No one I knew as a kid called a NES a toaster or nintoaster, though others experience may be different. We called it a NES or N.E.S. as letters or just a Nintendo.

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I might be alone, but I actually like my "toaster" better than the top loader. I disabled the 10NES, did a new 72-pin, and just clean my games. Works pretty well!


One thing I've never tried is bending the pins on an original 72-pin connector. I have a few spare systems kicking around, so I should try that.

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