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harmony encore video problem


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I'm getting a blue vertical line on the left side and an orange vertical line on the right side in the menu screen and in some but not all games. Here's the pictures. I'm using the 1.06 BIOS. is this normal or is something going on here?



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Not sure. Maybe a RF shielding problem.


Have you tried with normal carts?


The only normal carts I have are pac-man and combat, but I don't have this problem with those carts or when I play those on the encore. I have tried the encore with 3 different Atari systems and the problem is the same on all of them.

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Looks like RF interference to me. There are many variables that affect RF interference--the game console, the cartridge circuitry, the RF cable running to your television, the connector/switchbox you are using to connect the RF cable to your TV, the RF tuner inside the TV, and even which channel you have the television tuned to. It's possible the Harmony Cart emits more RF interference than a typical cart--Atari's games had a small metal shield over the masked ROM chip. The Harmony Cart does not have a metal RF shield, and the same goes for homebrew games.



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In another similar topic batari recommended putting a ferrite core on cable between your Atari and TV. If you're near a Fry's they have them in three different sizes. Most likely 6.5 is what you'd need.

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