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It was irritating. But I did it. I am able to change the grid color mid-bank. This means I have 400 or so bytes to implement the idea I shared earlier. That is, if I have enough room. Seeing as how I breezed right through 2k using only 3 or 4 screens in it. But I don't want to work on it any more today since I worked on it all morning and it was irritating. Fortunately, Rene was able to help me. Which is nice because it was his bit of code to start with apparently. I also spent the morning looking through the garage and in my room and in the pantry and everywhere for the N-Gage recharger. It was in my room. On the table. Right behind the Odyssey 2. So now my N-Gage is recharging. I also went to the grocery store. So it's been a hectic morning. And it's only 9:15 am. The next door neighbors are getting their roofs worked on. It's noisy. My Odyssey 2 apparently only works when it's in a certain position. It was not like that when I got it. Fortunately, I have a back up unit. I'd like some more N-Gage games. But the ones on eBay I don't have are $100 and over. Why do they cost that much? They were not worth that much new. And "new" was only 12 years ago.

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