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New Game announcement: Tex Turbo and the Big Bug Battles


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After about two years I am finally ready to announce DSAPSC's newest addition to the TI99. A new game entitled Tex Turbo and the Big Bug Battles. This will be available starting July 22 through the DSAPSC store http://www.dsapsc.com/store.html for North American purchases. Ciro over at the Italian users group has graciously offered to be the European distributor

http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php . I am sure he will chime in when he can. This looks to be the best option as it should reduce shipping and customs charges that seem to climb higher and higher each year. So to reiterate. Please direct all North American inquires to the DSAPSC site and EU inquires to the TI99iuc site.


While we are on the topic of Ciro... He designed the manual, cover art and label and he did a fantastic job. I could not be happier with his efforts. If you ever need these kind of services I enthusiastically recommend him. Thank you Ciro. I will pick up the manual covers tomorrow which are the last piece of the puzzle.


Additionally I need to thank Jim. He took my schematic and did a wonderful job of layout to get the cartridge board done. Not just once but twice (first iteration had some design issues caused by me.) Again if you have a PCB project needing to be done then he is definitely the man. He is qualified, knowledgeable, patient and possibly over worked. Thank you Jim.


On to the game...


This is a "loader cart" game that will require both 32K and joysticks. It is contained on a recycled black TI cart shell with custom label and is teamed up with Mad Marvin's Great Escape as the flip side. Both games are programmed in 9900 assembly language. unfortunately there will not currently be a box as that option became very expensive very fast. For a view of game play please visit...


for Tex Turbo and


for Mad Marvin


For a view of the mock up manual, cart and label please visit http://www.dsapsc.com/new-developments.html


There is going to be a limited run of 60 of these. When they are gone or just a few are left then I will release the source and binaries to both games.


The cost for NA sales will be $42.00 per cart/manual which includes shipping to the US and Canada.

The European price is not available yet but will most likely be slightly higher as initial shipping and any customs fees will need to be figured in.


I will update this post when more info comes available.



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Thank you all for the orders. 12 gone with 18 left for the us market.


The game does not use the SID card. My next project will be a SID editor so maybe future projects.


I appreciate the support guys.


Ciro informed me of a link problem to his site. I will work on it ASAP. He is setting up an order page and everything should be squared away this weekend.



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in the meantime Marc will have possibility to fix the link to the first post, i adding here the right one:




EU - Pre-orders + free gadget by ti99iuc.it ;)

20 carts available



Preview of the game on ti99iuc.it

(it is in Italian but will be automatically translated by BING service, i know, is not the best, but it is :P )



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Just placed my order too. Love Dr. Mario and Mad Marvin looks slick too! Looking forward to playing these. :love:


BTW: wasn't aware of that site until now. Is there a back catalog of quality games such as these? And are they still available? Maybe as ROMS for use with the FlashROM99 by chance? :grin:


Oh and what's with the Tex/Marvin manual reading right to left? :lol:

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As Ciro said all is in place. I just got back from a mountain vacation so I am really ragged out right now but....


I will box up what is sold tonight and try to get them in the mail as early as Tuesday but no promises. They will definately ship by the 22nd.


I have 11 carts left if anyone is interested and I think Ciro has 2 or 3. See the first post for ordering links.



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