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"CBM prg Studio" has some cool ideas

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Yes, I miss such a program for A8 (with Turbo-Basic XL compatibility).

Yeah, the last five screenshots of this development suite really make this an unusually thorough package for software development. It would be very cool to have a work-a-like development suite on the Atari.


You're right, It would be a great feature if it could be user-selectable & extendable with not only ATARI BASIC, but Turbo-Basic XL, and all of the other major variants of ATARI BASIC and Atari Assemblers, so you never needed to leave the development environment. It looks like the perfect framework for such a "Swiss-Army-Knife" approach.


It would be nice to implement this in a cross-platform language, such as TCL/TK, that way it would work identically, right out of the box for Windows, Mac, & Linux with no porting & no missing features.

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