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SC1224 just died

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So my SC1224 just died today.. dead.. so I am thinking PSU.. but .. is it even worth looking into a CRT repairman?


I think this is beyond my skills. if anyone has direction.. I have the technicition manual, but I am really not sure about disassemly.


SO, I will ask locally if worth taking a look at.




IF it is dead.. I am back to that thread about attaching multisync monitors.. I am in Canada.. anyone have ideas?


Whats my best best to get something working on this.. its a games machine.. nothing major. I am a user, not a collector.



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CRT repairmen are hard to come buy these days. Its a good chance its bad caps.


Have you made sure its not the switch. On one of my old monitors the switch went out so it wouldn't turn on when pushed. The contacts in the switch had broken off due to age.

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This is the monitor with the rotory switch on the side. I dont think its the switch.. but never know.. I am investigating my local repair guys.


OR I just need to feed this thing with a ST to composite cable I guess. and just run composite into a LCD TV.. I would like to find one of these monitors capable of doing all three resolutions.



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