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TcpSerSharp - Hayes Modem Emulator


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I'm happy to announce that Beta 3 of TcpSerSharp is out and it fully supports connections coming from real or virtual COM ports.

I've tested it with AppleWin with great results. There is no reason to expect any other COM enabled emulator not to work.

To use TcpSerSharp with an emulator that supports direct connections to a COM port, follow these steps.

  1. Download TcpSerSharp from GitHub.
  2. Download com0com (a virtual serial port package).
  3. Run the com0com setup and allow it to create a com port pair.
  4. Rename the com ports created by com0com such that they follow "COMx" where x is the port numbers.
  5. Install TcpSerSharp
  6. Navigate to %ProgramData% -- then right click the TcpSerSharp folder and give write permissions to all users.
  7. In the %ProgramData%\TcpSerSharp folder, open config.xml in your favorite text editor.
  8. Add a modem to the modem pool that looks like this:
    <Modem ​device='rs232' speed='9600' port='COMy' />
    ​COMy is the second com port in your com0com pair.
  9. Restart the TcpSerSharp service to get the new modem loaded.
  10. Start your emulator and load your favorite term. Be sure your emulator is connecting to the FIRST com port of your com0com pair.

If you need any help, post your questions here!

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