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Pitfall II without DPC sound?


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I'm psyched for the ATGames Atari Flashback Portable, which sounds like it will be able to play most 2600 games from SDcard. One notable exception, because it includes extra hardware: Pitfall II.


On the one hand, I'm somewhat surprised that no one has hacked around the DPC requirement in this game, just for the purpose of running Pitfall II in more places.


On the other, the chip tune music is a large part of this game's charm, and it would be sad to play without the tunes.


Has anyone thought about trying this? Would it be difficult to do?

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I thought the DPC was for more than just music, however.



I found this ... the mention of the RND being used for the eel flicker would suggest that you're right. If it were just a snip job, I'm sure someone would have done it already.


Ah well, there are 500+ other games to play. Thanks!

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