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6809 dream machine


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Had I known about this back in the day, I would have spazzed out. However, I doubt I would have been able to afford one. Still though, the specs are awesome:


Fujitsu FM-7 (released in 1982)

- Dual 6809 CPUs

- 320x200 and 640x200 w. 8 color palette

- AY-3-8910 sound chip








Later included a 640x400 2-color mode and 8-color support at 640x200 in 1984

and 8 colors at 640x400, 16-colors at 640x200, plus a 320x200 4096-color mode in 1985.


I even found OS-9 level II in a Japanese archive for it.

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On a similar note, here's something for people who can't get enough 6809s (this time, three on one board):



And an HD63701 (6301 microcontroller), which is equivalent to a 6801/3 with a few additional instructions.


Just for comparison... you have two 6809s that run faster and one that runs slightly slower than the CPU of a CoCo 3, plus one 6803 equivalent that runs double the speed of an MC-10, all in a single machine. Yikes! Too bad it was only an arcade board.

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