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When did large Lynx case become valuable?


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Best sells em for 19.95 and there's one on eBay auction almost 3 times that price with some time left before it ends.


I don't remember ever paying almost $60 for an used case. I only remember getting a new one for 20 many years ago. Maybe someone on Best Electronics should start selling his case for $60 ;)

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If they are actually selling for $60 now, then my guess is it started a year or two ago. I had a boxed large Lynx case just outside that time frame that I couldn't give away.


Honestly, I think Lynx stuff started to dry up around then. Systems are more expensive now, cheap boxed games aren't as plentiful anymore.

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Sounds about right. When I was picking up Lynx games to fill in collection some years ago, you couldn't get on eBay without tripping over 50 different sellers that has about 20 common and still sealed in box titles each for very low price. Now sealed box seems rare.

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