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Apple II collecting resources?


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Do any of you guys know if there's any kind of rarity guide, archive site, or other such resource for the Apple? I'm thinking something all-inclusive (or at least mostly-inclusive), analogous to the Color Computer Repository or AtariMania. Manual scans, cover/media scans, disk/tape images, hardware, cards/expansions, software lists, catalogs, books/magazines/docs, searchable database, etc.

I know there're sites like Apple2History, Applefritter, the Apple II Game Server, and various wikis, and those are great, but if I want to, say, pull a list of all the early Diskware releases, I have to do a google search and dig up a blog about vintage computers or something.

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Nothing centralized. Nothing nicely presented. Every site has something the others don't. Little bit here, little bit there.. I don't recall any price or rarity guides offhand. So why not simply ask here, or there..


I personally mirrored several sites and FTPs, plus my own collection. I'll simply search that locally. There's not a lot of change happening. So that's practical.

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