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After I put in random y movements for the enemy, I was wondering why it wouldn't allow me to put in at least some form of playfield. I found the answer. It was the ARENA_HEIGHT variable. It was set really high, at 200. Lowering that let me put in more stuff, like Mr. Celery. I lowered it to 50. But the scanline kept dipping to 263 during the collision. So I spent like an hour moving stuff around until it magically decided to stop. So now I have the score to work on. I need help with it. I was fiddling with the code in Dodgeball and was able to get two 2-digit numbers on the screen, both were identical, and it took 16 points to make the 0 in the first number a 1. (Hexadecimal, I assume.) What I want is one 4-digit number, like the one in Superman. I looked on Minidig but there was no annotated Superman disassembly. There is a spot on my lower left hand that hurts, so that makes it hurt to type and will probably limit my coding today.

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