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What happened to that active website for user to user Atari 8-bit sales?


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A few years ago I stumbled across some site where users were auctioning retro Atari stuff left and right. It seemed to be set up with the sales front and center on the main site, not buried in a sub forum. It seemed to be mostly Atari 8-bit stuff with a lot of software available.


Since my software library is so small I had hoped to find this site again to see if it undercuts eBay prices, but I'm not seeing any references when I search.


Does anyone know what site I'm talking about? Did it shut down? Is it still around?

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Might be you're thinking about Video 61 & Atari Sales, it's mainly software but there is also some reconditioned hardware.


B&C/myatari.com and Best Electronics are more highly recommended.

Thanks. I'll definitely check those out, but they're nothing like the one I'm thinking of.


What I recall was an eBay-like site that even had a count-down for listings that are ending. I'm pretty sure it was Atari 8-bit oriented though there may have been other retro game/computer stuff. I recall thinking that prices were cheap and I marveled that the market for that specific line of computers was big enough to support such an active site with so many listings... so many that there were always a ton of things closing at any given time. I'm pretty sure the main page had an "ending now" section front and center or at the bottom. I don't know how I ended up there because I think I was looking for Virtual Boy or Bung V64/Xchanger stuff.


I dunno. Maybe I dreamt it, but Atari 8-bit was so unfamiliar to me at the time that I don't think I could have. I did have my 4-port 5200 with no controllers and at one point I needed an RF switch and power adapter so I might have been looking up stuff for that. Maybe it was a precursor to Game Gavel?

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I think I remember this - it was a new online auction site at the time, and was created to be more "collector" friendly than EBay. Wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make it.

So I might not be crazy. :) Disappointing that it doesn't seem to still be around. :(
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