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Dragon multi-cartridge to Odyssey 2 Extension


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On the contrary! If you wait on eBay, you can regularly find Super Cassette Vision consoles really cheap from Japan. Usually they're sold as untested, but the ones I got so far (only two consoles) worked right away.


The VC4000 should be common enough to have a market for a multicart. I know there exists a multicart for the Arcadia 2001, but it is a somewhat different system.

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I know the Interton VC4000. That is common in Germany. I've already thought of this. Even if I'm not sure, if that system is fun to play. I'll check the games on youtube.

The Super Cassette Vision consoles I found, are sold for about US$250 in Japan. I'm going to observe the market for a while.


First I want to finish and deliver the Videopac and Vectrex Extensions plus a reproduction of Dragon/CoCo Multi-carts. Maybe finally a refurbished version of the Multi-cart then, if I ever should have the time to finish it.

I don't want to start to many things at the same time and in consequence never really come up with anything. I'll make them one by one.....


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It sounds like a good plan to me. I'm mostly set for the Odyssey2 already, but will check my Vectrex needs and perhaps put myself on a preorder. If you eventually get a VC-4000 addition, I'll definitely get it. :-)


By the way, here are some recently ended auctions on the SCV console:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401150957108(untested console for $3.25)

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311645806879(supposedly defect with one game for $10.50)

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322117532771(tested working with one game for $60)

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322128169969(tested working with one game for $60)

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222196985664(tested working with four games for $100)

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I know the project. They even have one of my 1st generation Dragon Multi-carts. They obviously had the ambition to run all existing cartridges of the Interton, to make building it more demanding for the students. On the Interton system, there are rom-only carts and two different types of rom/ram-carts. The mixed style carts are used for the more complex games Chess version 1, Chess version 2, Checkers and Backgammon, where 37 bytes ram are not sufficient. Since those games to me don't seem to be too attrative to play on an Interton, I would not put in the effort of interfaceing the Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart with those rom/ram-carts. I would go for the rom-games only. If I absolutly wanted to play (non graphical) chess on the Interton, I'd simply buy the cartridge on ebay. Or play it on the Odyssey2 :).

So, my solution would (will?) be, to build a more simple and cheap Extension cartridge for the Dragon/CoCo Mulit-cart, which (hopefully) plays some 35 "action"-games, which is 90+ percent of the system's game library.

What do you think?

Ok or non-sense?





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Rolo,when you are ready,post all the details (price,website,photos,numbers produced etc) on a new post in the "new releases" section on the Videopac/Odyssey2 forum.

I will then add it to the Release Schedule list on the forum there. I'm mjb on the Videopac/Odyssey2 forum (the mod for the New releases section).

We are a friendly bunch there and as ScottyDont00 has said there will be quite a few people interested in it just as a Videopac item

@m-j-b: I just wrote an email to create an account for the forum. I'm not sure, if I already have one, at the moment, but the admin will probably notice.

I will make a post concerning the Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart and the Odyssey Extension Cart within the next couple of days. I have delivered, well, "many" Multi-Carts and a few Extensions until now, which are working fine. Maybe there are a few people who would be interested in the project on www.videopac.nl.




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I've been testing another compilation for the DRAGON/CoCo Multi-cart and it's Extension cartridges.

I burned all those games on a single Multi-Cartridge, this time especially games for Vectrex and Odyssey2 (PHILIPS G7000)

Vectrex Games

  • AllGoodThings.bin
  • Moon9.bin
  • SpikeHoppin'.bin
  • StarTrekTheGame(Hacked).bin
  • V-Frogger.bin
  • ArmorAttack.bin
  • Bedlam.bin
  • Berzerk.bin
  • Blitz!.bin
  • CleanSweep.bin
  • CosmicChasm.bin
  • FortressOfNarzod.bin
  • HeadsUp.bin
  • HyperChase.bin
  • NarrowEscapeMod.bin
  • PolarRescue.bin
  • PolePosition.bin
  • RipOff.bin
  • Scramble.BIN
  • SolarQuest.bin
  • SpaceWars.bin
  • Spike'sWaterBalloons.bin
  • Spike.bin
  • SpinBall.bin
  • StarCastle.bin
  • StarHawk.bin
  • WebWars.bin
Odyssey2/G7000 Games

  • Imagic_atlantis.bin
  • Imagic_demonAttack.bin
  • ParkerBrothers_frogger.bin
  • ParkerBrothers_popeye.bin
  • ParkerBrothers_q-bert.bin
  • ParkerBrothers_super-cobra.bin
  • Public_amok.bin
  • Proto_spiderman.bin
  • Proto_tutankham.bin
  • Videopac_01_race.bin
  • Videopac_04_airSeaWar.bin
  • Videopac_11_cosmicConflict.bin
  • Videopac_14_gunfighter.bin
  • Videopac_18_laserWar.bin
  • Videopac_20_stoneSling.bin
  • Videopac_22_spaceMonster.bin
  • Videopac_27_tableFootball.bin
  • Videopac_28_volleyball.bin
  • Videopac_29_dambuster.bin
  • Videopac_33_acrobats.bin
  • Videopac_34_satelliteAttack.bin
  • Videopac_36_soccerIcehockey.bin
  • Videopac_37_monkeyShines.bin
  • Videopac_38_Munchkin.bin
  • Videopac_39_freedomFighters.bin
  • Videopac_43_pickaxePete.bin
  • Videopac_44_crazyChase.bin
  • Videopac_47_theMousingCat.bin
  • Videopac_49_turtles.bin
  • Videopac_50_superbee.bin
  • Videopac_55_neutronstar.bin
  • Videopac_57_blobbers.bin
All are running flawlessly.



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project update


I produced a second batch of Videopac Extensions. First batch is almost gone.

Same functionality, smaller dimensions, same price:

version 1.1 dimensions: version 1.0 vs. version 1.1



Available now!






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