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Here I go again... another "bright idea"! :)


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Things are really hopping in the TI community right now, especially since Ralph's FlashROM 99 has opened up so many possibilities. Just look at all the easy to obtain programs a person can already use with a stock TI and the FR99. Now, with Jedi Matt's future Mini side-car 32K expansion, the stage will be set for people with space limitations, or those in Europe who cannot easily or cheaply obtain a big and bulky P-Box to do so much more.


Now that they can easily download programs for their TI, one thing is missing... a mini side-car HDX compliant RS-232 device. Think about it, with a gadget like that, they would be able to save and load programs, call the BBS or even use Stuarts Internet browser, the programs are already there waiting to go.

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yea baby!


I brought this up some time ago as well. I would think especially with all the OpenSource hardware components available someone may be able to make something like the HDX Rs232 but in a SideCar option. I have seen multiple projects like this for Atari, Commdore and more all over the web.


I thought about a small mini sidecar that was modulular based. So a user could have the ability to add a 32k expansion, RS232/HDX interface and maybe even a DiskController all in a mini sidecar that would not take up hardly any space and be extremely light. Not to mention it could possible even be a DIY as well. So a super small Micro 99'er PEB!


With all the hardware Genius' in our TI community I would think it's possible.

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Fred already designed a 16550 uart version for the pbox.. prob not a big stretch to migrate it to a sideport?




Hmmm, last time we had a 16550 introduced into the TI community it was in the V2 Nano-PEB and it was incompatible with most everything. If a side-car unit came out, I'd want it to at least be usable with existing software and HDX compatible.

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This is hdx compatible


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Really! Now that would be cool for sure.


The Nano-PEB was only partially compatible IIRC, in that you could copy stuff using a special program, but one could not run programs directly from it. On a side-car unit, without disk drives, being able to directly load & save would be a must.

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One more comment, if someone decided to setup a console, system with 32K and side-car HDX/RS-232 in this configuration without disk drives, they would actually have more available memory for Extended BASIC programs. :)


Stack memory using a floppy drive controller




Stack memory using an HDX without a floppy drive controller



An extra 2088K :thumbsup:


Now that experiment was done a long time ago, and I'm not going to rip my FDC out to check, but I wonder if you would get a memory gain with Cortex BASIC 80? Imagine, a little extra memory in your 80 column BASIC (using an F18A) on your FlashROM 99. Sounds good to me!

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