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Sega Genesis speakers now on eBay

Carl Mueller Jr

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Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that there are pair of Sega Genesis speakers now on eBay. These were available by mail order only and thus are quite rare. They were meant to be plugged into a model 1 Genesis (in the front), which was the only way to get stereo sound from that model.


Here's the link:



thanks, Carl

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Thats kinda cool I never knew those existed. Honestly not something I would be supper interested in unless I stumbled across them. I could almost swear I had the same speakers for my first pc, or at least very very close. They were not sega branded of course and they were a beautiful beige color.

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Not a fan of lofi speakers but cool nonetheless.


These work nice too. Volume should be set to "5" if using an external amp.


Heh I got a set of those as well. But to be fair the Sega Genny Speakers are really a novelty and I have only seen 2 sets in person and one was not branded and the other were my own mail away deal back in the day. I think they still sounds pretty good though as I tested them with my Sega Nomad. The bad thing is if you don't have all the cables for them or if one speaker does not work then they both will not work. Weird wiring protocols I would guess. Here be my fun test below.


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It's funny though. When I was a teen, I was happy with junk. Now as an adult, my ears are spoiled with nice sounding equipment. Some of my stuff had weird connectors as well, likely to prevent improper hookups with other gear.


As a teen, I had some cheap speaker sets and a $9.99 knock off walkman (portable cassette not made by Sony) by Lennox. Gosh that was an awful brand but even as Kmart special, I loved what I had! :P


Later I went to Creative Audio / Cambridge Soundworks which was a marked improvement but by no means HiFi. Got my first taste of surround sound too in 2001.


Now I have a Bose Companion PC speakers on my desktop and Polk Monitor 40s in the living room with discrete stereo amp. My bedroom has an old 5CD RCA 3-piece stereo, nice Jensen JP-500s ($20 Pawn Shop find) to replace the junk that came with the stereo, and an Audio Technica turntable.


I don't miss the surround sound at all (2 discrete box speakers are worlds better than 5 tinny full range satellites paired with an over-compensating sub) but if I ever build another 5.1 system, it will be Polks all the way. The different speaker models share the same tweeters, drivers, and crossover design, so you can mix them within a surround system and still be sonically matched.

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