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PS Vita Lynx

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The Vita community got a huge boost over the last couple days with a native hack that really opened up and simplified the homebrew scene on the Vita.


So I dug out mine from a drawer and fired up several emulators including my favorite, HandyVita. It works beautifully except for one small hitch, I couldn't get any sound.


If you guys have any tips for getting sound working (I could just being dense) or if a little work on the emulator is needed, your help would be appreciated.


The Vita community is really booming right now so demand for HandyVita is going to be at an high. Purhaps we'll see some fans spill our way!

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I agree..a lot! The Vita community is exploding..finally..
So far I'm running HandyVita, a Megadrive emulator, a SNES emulator and Doom Vita (which has no sound either nomatter what WAD I feed it).
But playing California Games of the Lynx on my Vita really rocks :D

The latest version of HandyVita on GitHub says: "Changes for new vitasdk toolchain, 444 Mhz mode, new default path, fix for sound crash", looks like the sound problem is known. Maybe the next version...

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Hi everybody,


I am trying to run the HandyVITA app in my Vita. I installed it and put the ROMS into the folders (see location below). HandyVITA app is running, but after I click on a ROM it doesnt start. The following message appears: "In der folgenden Anwendung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. (C2-12828-1). Saved Core File Suceeded. ux0:data/psp2core.1609722333-0x00000e2v03-eboot.bin.psp2dmp".


Locations: ux0:/data/HandyVITA (here I dropped the lynxboot.img file and a Folder with the ROMS inside).


Please help... I am a german day 1 ATARI Fan and own a original Lynx from 1989... I would love to play Lynx games on my Vita.


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