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World of Atari -98 Videos Available?


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The World of Atari '98 show in Las Vegas took place on August 21-23, 1998. The program for this show is here:



I noticed that Kevin Savetz uploaded this to archive.org. I wonder if I ran into him was back then...?


In 1999, the show was renamed to the (probably more familiar) Classic Gaming Expo. I attended the three-day show with my friend Chris. We had a great time!


Some of the speakers there were:

Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
Scott Legrand/Stephanie Wukovitz
Steve Woita
Arnie Katz/Joyce Worley
Rob Fulop
Bill Kunkel
John Harris
Dan Kramer/Jerry Jessop
Lance J. Lewis

Chris and I covered the show in our October 1998 issue of our Orphaned Computers & Game Systems newsletter, which can be read here in html format:


Or, if you prefer a printable version, then you can read the newsletter as a pdf:


We created the newsletter on my Amiga 3000 in Pagestream 2.2, so it was pretty neat to be able to export to pdf (which was a long and complicated process). It's a good thing that we did the conversion back in the late 90s, as otherwise the original format of the newsletter would probably be lost (except as scans).

Speaking of lost...

I remember that most (all?) of talks by the keynote speakers were videotaped. Are these keynote speeches available as video online anyplace?

If not, then maybe Keita Iida, John Hardy or one of the other cosponsors of the show might have those videos on some tape format that can be archived to someplace like archive.org.



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A friend of mine recently pointed out these videos to me.  I haven't watched them yet, but I plan to do that soon.


1) "World of Atari 1998 - 2 hours of unreleased video and bonus pictures - WOA 1998 Las Vegas" - Uploaded by Hans Reutter on May 20, 2020:




2) "Word of Atari Expo 1998."  Uploaded by The Atari Museum.




Thanks for uploading these two different videos!



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