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Can the Master System controller work with Gens?

Prince Manic

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I'm getting a power base converter soon and I been wondering if the Master systems can be plugged in the Gens Controller Ports and used just like if it was a Gens controller, so are the pins the same as the Gens controllers or I can't use it at all? Most games requires the master System Controller to be used and I don't want another console as this converter is better anyway.


I've tried to find it's pinout to be sure it's the same as the Gens but nothing....so can master system controllers work on the Gens?

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You can use the master system controllers on the Genny with a power base converter. Just of course most genesis games aren't going to work properly with only a 2 button controller and not start. However, most of the master system games can use the genesis controller just fine as well. There are a few games where the genesis controllers won't work right. Montezuma's Revenge comes to mind. So yes... you can use SMS controllers in a Genesis with a PBC attached to play SMS games.

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