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ProTerm versions and supported hardware


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I'm finishing up working on a chart that lists all the versions of ProTerm, and what hardware is supported; like modems, serial cards, printer interfaces, clocks, and keyboards.


It is interesting to see how the program has evolved and changed from 1987 through 1998.


The overall trend started out supporting 300/1200 baud internal modems and seems to have ended up dropping those in favor of high-speed external modems and a series of generic drivers. Printer support was more cumulative, with little being removed as time passed. ProTerm was more interested in having the required/supported interface rather than the actual printing device itself.


The versions I'm researching include:









3.1 (5-JUL-98 final)


If there are any other versions I should include, just speak up. The chart still has a couple of columns available!

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I totally forgot about this thread. I would have hoped it generated a bit more interest. Archiving and preserving versions of software seems to be something not a lot of folks are interested in. Just get the latest version and be done with it.


Earlier releases are just as important because hardware support is dropped in later versions. True then and true now. And often interface styles change along the way. Some for the better, some for the worse.


For example if you still used a Hayes MicroModem II or Novation Apple-Cat II, you could not upgrade PT to 3.0 or 3.1. AFAIK, 2.2 was the last to support these historical and groundbreaking modems.

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