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2600 games with actual stories


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Don't you just love those moments when you look at a manual for a 2600 game and it has a full-blown story in there? I'm talking about games like Vanguard, which never had a story in it's arcade version, and Stargate (aka Defender II). Do you know of any more?

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I thought all Atari-released games had stories in their manuals cause all of the ones I read did, like Berzerk and Asteroids, even if their arcade versions never had a story, which I think is a nice touch, that they created something for the manuals.


Centipede too, has a dedicated comic which I read here on AtariAge.

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One of the best stories is on Beat 'em & eat 'em back of the box.

A savvy soda-slinger....famous fountain treats....hand-packed ice-cream....make his soda pop....get all that's comin' to you.

Cracks me up.


All masturbation innuendos. TOM will always be my savvy soda-slinger. Ahahaha

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