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Beastball - Remastered for Sega Genesis


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Hey guys, I'm back with the new project (M.U.S.H.A. Remastered was the first one and it was so much fun)
and this time it's BEASTBALL an unreleased game for Sega Genesis.

Brutal does not come close to describing the level of Carnage you will face in the trials ahead. Beastball takes football to the next level of brutality.
Slay, bash, and Maine your way through the entire championship. Start off with the Brave and Bold Vikings and move your way up do different
mutations and races to become more Savage and dominate the playing field.
Beastball was originally scheduled to be released at the end of the Sega Genesis™ lifespan(1993-94) But ultimately was never released. It was going to be
the first of many games in a planned “Brutal Sports” line by Spectrum Holobyte™. The game was published on the Amiga, Atari Jaguar and MS-DOS™ as
Brutal Sports Football (Crazy Football in Germany). Most likely the SNES and Genesis versions were cancelled when Microprose™ purchased Spectrum Holobyte™ in 1993.
The game was developed by Millennium Interactive™, a company best known for their James Pond series, and Teque Software.
In 2011 MrMark0673 released the ROM image of the unreleased Sega Genesis™ version of the game. The Finished Prototype was originally owned by DreamTR.
Maybe someday a SNES version will come out as well? ¹
Here at REGaming we’ve decided to take this classic game again and redesign it for a new age. One in which true retro gamers can indulge in their need to collect
all the classics from which they can.
We will be making this game as soon as we receive at least 35 backers. If we do not reach our goal of 35 purchases of the game in 21 days.
Then all money will be refunded and we will move on to the next project. As we put a lot of care and effort into this product we certainly look forward to see how
many people want to partake in this game. And we are excited to bring everyone a game that was never released.
1x CASE with Sleeve
1x Full Color Manual
1x Game Cartridge
More goodies(cough… check the manual)
*Games are made with 100% brand new parts. No donor Boards, Chips, Shells and/or Cases. That is a Guarantee.


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Cool! Otherwise known as "Brutal Sports Football" on the Jag and other systems.

Thanks :) Yep that the one


Nice. Link broken though

Thanks, it works just fine, might be some temporary issue with the hosting(happens) but it's all good now.


p.s. There's more fun stuff check it out http://www.regaming.co/product/ultimate-mortal-kombat-3-the-arcade-game/



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