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atari2600land's Blog - Handbrake saved "A Bird and a Sign"


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So I had the great fortune to finish "A Bird and a Sign" and put it on a DVD...and then the computer died shortly after. This was the one I had die on me this past April. I wanted a video file of it. I knew of this program called Handbrake. I had it on my old computer. It worked on it, but I needed a codec. The computer directed me to a help page. The main gist of the page was to tell me to update to Windows 10. I didn't want to. I tried ripping the DVD on various formats. AVI didn't even want to play on WMP. So I went to my new computer and downloaded Handbrake. The first format worked perfectly. I did it in MP4 format (there was only one other I could try, though.) I am about half way through making the second episode and hope the old computer doesn't die on me. The old thing has either Vista or 7 on it and it is still working. I'd like to put them on YouTube but they have naughty stuff in it. Like in the first episode, aliens kidnap Sign and take him to Uranus. On the UFO they stick a cucumber up his butt. Or the time in episode 2 when Bird calls Pete the Cactus "a prick...inducing plant." It was fun watching the first episode that I haven't seen in a while. It's 7:36 long. I'm at the 4:40 mark on episode 2. I don't know how long it will end up being, though I'm wanting about 7:30 like the last one. Why don't I know how long it will be? I write the episodes piece by piece. Everything is done by me: drawing, voices, everything. Although I admit the drawing, voices, and everything aren't very good. But it keeps me occupied. I write little songs for the episodes and stick them in there, even though I don't like songs in my cartoons, so the songs make fun of cartoons with songs in them (the worst part about the U.S. Acres cartoons on the old Saturday Morning "Garfield and Friends" cartoon was the song they felt they had to put in each one.) Ah well. I will make episode 3 on the new computer, though, using my video editing software, though it will probably take a while.

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