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Unreleased 1985 game The Spectre Files Getting A Release This October

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Back in 1985, laserdisc tech was still being looked at for creating new arcade titles but at that point it was already becoming clear that it just wouldn't hold interest. Midway had developed an NFL game based on a variation of the tech (which used a needle...not sure who thought that was a good idea for arcades) and one of their designers, Brian F. Colin, was busy working on a horror/adventure FMV game called The Spectre Files. Due to the stumble with the NFL game and interest for laserdisc type games going down in general, the project was canned. Brian would move on to create other classics like Rampage, Sarge or Arch Rivals.


Fast forward to now, Brian and his company Game Refuge is looking to get back into arcade game creation and one of those projects includes the resurrection The Spectre Files. The final game build will be unveiled this October:




No one has tried an FMV game on the market in a long time so should be interesting to see if 80s cheese is the way to do it.

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That's interesting. Not sure if I like the gameplay format (stop and go as it brings up options), and I think it could be more interesting without the constant commentary. I wonder if it could be implemented more like Dragon's Lair? Still, it's cool to see something like this being brought back from the grave (no pun intended).

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In a way, it's like a simplified Thayer's Quest. While I don't think it will be in the running to compete with the likes of Jurassic Park for earnings, it would make for a novel piece for any arcade to have. I had The Act: An Interactive Comedy for a long time (the I/O board on it crapped out over a year ago, proprietary tech that no one seems to be able to figure out) and it would likely perform similar to that - it wasn't a super earner but it would gather crowds who liked to watch one person go through the story.


I guess for personal bias, I'm interested in getting one and putting it next to CarnEvil icon_razz.gif

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